24 August 2010

really open theology

The passing of Clark Pinnock has me thinking about our current lack of theological button-pushing, although we still have an abundance of theological ignorance being displayed. So, it is with great inspiration that I begin a new movement destined for the dustbins of heresy - Really Open Theism.

We'll call it ROPEN, and be sure that we'll be wrangling in some good thoughts about God.

[This will also be good for those Christians who just don't get the buzz from emergent theology anymore, but are still looking for a faith that's happening. After all, when the theology never shows up and all you're left with is a few McLaren stories, it must be time to move on.]

ROPEN will drive after the harder questions about God than anyone ever thought possible. This endeavor will make Openness look like child's play, and will further drive so-called Reformed theology into the irrelevant obscurity.


Calvinist = God determines the future. No question.

Classic Arminian = God does not determine the future, but he knows the future. Little question.

Openness = Does God know the future? Good question.

ROPEN = Does God know the future, or does God only think he knows the future? Great question.

An inquiry which begins at this level can only yield massively powerful results. We shall know our theologies more, and they shall set us free from boredom. Novelty is the path toward God, and we are well on the way with the rise of the ROPENness doctrine.

*N.B., Before I get hate email, please ROPEN your mind and see this is a joke. Sort of.


Brother Reroy said...

Finarry, a theorogy that refrects my beriefs about God. I do not craim to rive in harrowed harrs of horiness, but I trury berieve I am one of the erect and I have experienced severar reverations. Thank you for arrowing yourserf to become vurnerabre and ropen to this vitar viewpoint. My break outrook on the current rack of sorid schorarship on this subject may at rast be arreviated. Perhaps too, the farse and saracious accusations against me personarry might be eriminated. This articre has been irruminating. May God bress you!

Chris Tilling said...


ROPEN - sounds like something Scoobie Doo would say!