03 July 2015

an oppressed majority?

On the eve of the two-hundred-thirty-ninth anniversary of the Declaration that this People would be free from the bonds of tyranny, this great nation under God finds itself more inwardly divided than when it stood at war with itself. It has also become apparent that this country has now been brought to its knees, though not for the first time in our history. I speak not only of the rulings of courts, but of the general tenor that has risen up from within – the aggression that sees not brother and sister in Liberty, but rather malice and suspicion against neighbor. If we were to fight for our independence today we certainly would break apart without the common bonds of unity in cause or creed.

Even more troubling than this current fracturing of our nation is that we are indeed presently engaged in a battle for our freedom from tyranny. And, because we are either unwilling to see it or take up liberty's cause,  we are losing the sacred values that once made this People strong. It is not God Bless America because he deems us more worthy, or that we are exclusive to the rest of the world. His presence has been with us insofar as we commit ourselves to his way, thus securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

What happened one week ago is a disgrace to the foundation of this great nation, and to the Divine Presence from whose Word this country has been forged. The genius which sought to give a balance-of-power has been disregarded, and not even the law of the land holds power to stop tyranny's march. Today there is a ruling class – the type of society which the Framers wanted to guard against. And the voice of the People has been declared irrelevant, along with the values to which they hold.

I do not wish to presently discuss the moral issues of healthcare or homosexuality. I readily acknowledge that there are many firm beliefs in this area, and we could go to great lengths to list out all of the nuance of society's handling of such issues. Suffice it to say, over 50 million of our fellow country men and women have stood firm on the conviction that same-sex marriage is unacceptable, and that five individuals have thrusted the scales in a different direction. This course of action has done much more than allow for the civil recognition of homosexual relationships. We are now seeing this put forward as a civil right, one that will quickly impede on religious liberty and free speech.

There will be much to say about this in the coming weeks and months – at least, before the window of such public discourse is all-but-silenced by the tyrannical force that now threatens our nation's Freedom. In the last few days, however, I have not been able to shake off that one statistical fact – 50 million overrun by five. The Constitutional discussion has its own fight here, but my perspective considers the morality. Although we stand on the brink of no uncertain national disaster, it is imperative that we remember the 50 million who stand together against the 'new morality' that is being thrown at this nation. Perhaps the fight is not as lost as we are being led to believe.

It seems to be in the best interest of tyranny that the People think that their cause is lost – this is the fastest course to securing its own power. The end achievement is to have, even in a Republic, an oppressed majority that must conform to the demands of the few elites. When we consider what has been placed upon our nation these last years – especially these last few days – it is quite clear that such is destination of our current path. The looming question is whether there will be men and women who will forge together bonds of faith and fellowship in order to overcome the villainy that threatens this great land of liberty.

And this is a markedly Christian issue, not for the sake of keeping open the paths of least resistance and persecution, but for the cause of freedom that is sought on every page of our written Word. The Creator's Spirit is one of life and liberty, and indwells his own for the purposes of freedom – a forecast of heaven for those of us who presently reside on earth. Throughout the ages such freedom has been the cause of God's people, and we now stand as the first generation to willingly surrender our freedom while still struggling for faith.

This is not a call to arms, for there are much better ways to achieve the Creator's intended design for a free people. But it is a call to faith – the kind of faith that is made manifest in works of the gospel, the life-giving good news that comes from the Almighty. If we cannot see today, then we will have nothing more but to mourn what once was known as liberty.

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