17 April 2012

the bubba shot

During a playoff in the 2012 Master's Tournament, Bubba Watson made a recovery shot that was simply incredible.  To get out of the woods and on to the green, he achieved a hook that many are calling one of the greatest shots in the history of the tournament.

Bubba Watson has never taken a lesson in golf, and plays very simply and straightforwardly.  The game just makes sense to him, I suppose.  I am sure that he has practiced his swing over and over again, just like every other pro-golfer.  But there is something unique here in how somebody can unconventionally excel, probably when many people told him that he couldn't.

I think maybe there are times when we must take our own Bubba shots in life.  We do what comes naturally to us, even when the more educated and experienced tell us it is wrong.  We take the chance, not only because the pressure is on, but because we believe we have it within us to do it.  And most importantly, we follow the voice of the Holy Spirit who gives us the fire to accomplish for the kingdom what the world has written off as foolishness.

So many days I think my ministry is called to be like that of Bubba Watson.  Countless times I have been told that, despite the decisions which I have reasoned and the direction I am convicted to go by the Holy Spirit, it was not wisdom according to the 'experts.'  But I take the shot . . . and I put everything I have into that swing . . . for once the ball is in the air, there is nothing I can do but watch where the wind will take it . . .

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