06 May 2011

has evangelicalism turned gnostic?

My friend, Andrew Perriman, introduced a rather interesting discussion on his blog, p.ost earlier today: that modern evangelicalism has some points of comparison with second century Gnosticism over and above first century Christianity.

Although the comparisons are not exact, Andrew does make some astute observations on the current status of evangelicalism. There is a lack of historic understanding of the context of the New Testament, given way to some sort of redeemer-myth that could very well exist without the details of history. This is quite similar to the gnostic approach.

This line of thought also gives way to the escapist notion of Gnosticism, which is ever-present in modern rapture theology - a theology which is not found in Scripture, nor understood in the Jewish-Christian worldview of the first century. These points are often found in modern preaching, reinforcing viewpoints that resemble gnostic thought over early Christian theology.

It is an interesting discussion. Whether or not it is a modern Gnosticism, it certainly reveals the disconnect of modern and ancient Christian thought.

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