22 April 2011

walking in gethsemane

As I sat alone in a small room enveloped by a large and empty church building, I meditated upon his cross. Tired and fighting off sleep, I sat and pondered in the silence of the midnight hour. I sat and listened. It was the first hour of what we now call Good Friday.

There is a beauty in our brokenness. Our inabilities, inconsistencies, failures, lacking must all become the very vehicle for God's love to be shown to the world. Ours cannot be the method by which the world achieves - for the world is fallen and corrupt, its accomplishments twisted and sinister. The world is anti-logos and anti-agape.

The cross stands as the ultimate sign of human brokenness. It is the vehicle through which divine love was poured out upon sinful earth. It defies power-plays and attention-seeking. It breaks apart life and pours into its place life more abundant. Success is through failure, strength is through weakness, and wisdom is discovered as foolishness.

Unbeknownst to us, love has gained victory through brokenness, for we as the world did not understand the Word when it came to us. That is what demands a radical change. We as death-bound must now change course completely or be destroyed in his raging fire. We are naturally part of this death, we must therefore radically alter our core nature in order to journey into life. That begins at the cross, the most profound sign of the beauty of brokenness.

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