21 March 2010

in his hands

The headlines say that this is a most historic day; the headlines say today will redefine our world; the headlines say that legislation headed to vote will impact our leaders most.

The headlines are wrong.

Today is a marked day not because of the news, the weather or the box scores. It is a day given by the grace of our Creator, endowed with his presence, and shining with the glory of his liberty. His world remains firm on the foundations on which he placed it, not toppled by human pride or arrogantly vain accomplishment. It turns in spite of our self-imposed importance and will not slow to the whims of those who seek momentary personal power.

The legislation given attention this day will not matter most to the President, Congress or any other so-called elite. It will matter to those who hold tightly to the life of this creation, and who grasp at the few remaining ounces of liberty and the pursuit of happiness that is left in our country's covenant. Though it is trampled and tossed, it remains true. True because of the promise that stands behind - the promise of God's word, which is the source of true exceptionalism.

And it matters most to those who are too feeble and weak to defend themselves, but who nevertheless continue the fight to live with every moment of their existence. Those who are old and crippled, handicapped, diseased, and . . . unborn. It is instinct that they push for life and liberty, because it is put deep within the fiber of our DNA. Now that they are being attacked, it is up to those who have the ability to stand up for them to seize the opportunity.

For us, it is time to pray. We must place all of this into the hands of the only one who can truly change hearts, minds, souls and strengths. Because it is only through his transforming presence that we can love him and others in such profound ways. May he continue to bless our nation, even when it is in spite of ourselves.

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