18 December 2009

when consensus is illogical

Human-caused climate change is not real. It is a hoax perpetuated by those who desire power and money. There is no science which supports the theory and, what is more, the supposed 'science' which we have always been given is now demonstrably a collection of lies and tampered data.

Perhaps the most telling comment in these last days of climate idiocy comes from former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair: 'World must take action on climate change even if the science is not correct.' This is an exposure of the agenda from those who are knowingly and willingly perpetuating a lie in order to have political influence and international authority.

The only defense that has been given to the real facts regarding climate change is that there is a 'consensus' among scientists that anthropogenic global warming is real. While this sounds impressive, there is no such thing as 'consensus' within science. Even I, who is wildly lost in a biology or chemistry lab, understands that any theory or hypothesis is disproven if just one experiment fails to work. This is because science (supposedly) deals with truth - either something is or is not - and is (supposedly) not influenced by emotion, opinion or desire. Clearly, not everyone sees it this way and many people are showing that they've a lot to lose by their shoddy 'science' being exposed.

I bring this up for a simple corollary to biblical studies, theology and church. There is no consensus in spiritual matters either. Sometimes I think that churches and theologians get this as confused as the pseudo-scientiest who are out there. And there have certainly been enough times when spiritual matters have come down to a supposed consensus of opinion rather than for truth. Perhaps it is because of the politicizing of the gospel, or because of the need for acceptance within culture. Either way, some things are said to be correct just because many people (or the 'right' people) say that they are.

But truth does not require a consensus, and the kingdom of God will prevail whether it is in the majority or minority. In fact, some will say because it is in a minority.

This matter will best be displayed by the church's response to the anthropogenic global warming hoax. Certainly the church (and various Christian businesses) have made a number of friends and scored a handful of cultural brownie points as it has 'gone green' in the last few years. But now that we can see that this is a lie perpetuated for power and money given to the few who seek to exploit others (many who are less fortunate), will the church respond with claims of 'saving God's planet' or will they have the tenacity for truth that opposes tyranny and evil?

Consensus might accomplish some things well, but there are certainly a number of areas which it cannot logically exist: having a group decide on pizza toppings, actual science and theological inquiry are three of the most significant.

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