15 December 2009

respectfully submitted again: healthcare

Senator Evan Bayh, IN

First, let me voice my support for your recent vote against the out-of-control spending bill and your subsequent summons to the President to veto it. Although he sees this type of spending as necessary (perhaps in his ongoing efforts to handicap the private sector and place this country into a dangerous situation - both financially and in regards to national security), you took the opportunity to stand up in the face of Congressional leadership and do that which is morally right.

Having said that, I again urge you to do that which is right regardless of the loud clanging of voices in and around Congress these days. Some of the noise comes from the White House, some from the Congressional leadership, some from the media, some from lobbyists, some from your own staff, and some from your constituents . . . like me. Of all of these voices there is only one that is given charge to you by Constitutional mandate, and it is on this premise that I choose to make my voice heard once again.

Senator, you mentioned that you believe it morally irresponsible to accrue debt which we cannot sustain, either in present or future generations. On this I am in agreement with you. But if you feel this is the case, then can you support the current Healthcare legislation which is before the Senate? We have no possible way of funding this project (even proponents have been forced to admit this), and current track records seen in Social Security and Medicare (and ANY other government program) prove that we will not be able to sustain the financial burden for this proposed legislation. It is not about amending the bill enough times to make it palatable; we must stop this attempt to gain power for the elites in Washington and stand for the liberty that has made this country great throughout many generations.

If we only had to concern ourselves with the financial burden, that would be difficult but bearable. However, this radical healthcare reform has many more ethical issues than financial ones. At the top of the list is the ongoing support for taxpayer funded abortions. I am sure that by now you have been made familiar with the Manhattan Declaration. (If not, please consider it: http://www.manhattandeclaration.org) I have signed my name to this document and am prepared to stand behind every word within it. Nearly 300,000 have done the same. The final words summarize our moral position: 'We will fully and ungrudgingly render to Caesar what is Caesar’s. But under no circumstances will we render to Caesar what is God’s.'

Please understand that I WILL NOT willingly and knowingly participate in any system which devalues human life, from cradle to the grave, and will face whatever consequences may arise. That is my commitment to the morals and values which are endowed by our Creator, appealed to by our Constitution, and guaranteed only by divine mandate.

Ethically, morally, financially and as a representative of the people in a nation which staunchly opposes this current direction, I implore you to stand against such tyranny and work for the liberty which our Founders sought and protected for themselves and their prosperity.

As always, I will offer my prayers for you and yours during this difficult season. May you all have a Merry Christmas, remembering and celebrating life and light into the darkness.


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