19 November 2009

respectfully submitted: healthcare

Senator Evan Bayh, IN

I have contacted your office on a few occasions, but am willing to do so again and again until you commit to stopping the current Healthcare legislation from being imposed on the American people. It has become clear in the past months that this has little to do with health care, bipartisanship, economic stimulus or the objective of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is a grab for power and privilege by an out-of-control minority who do not reflect the desires of the American people.

On an issue-by-issue basis, this President does not have a majority on ANY major activity of his administration. Yet, all we hear about is our inability to accept 'change' and our supposed suspicion to a minority President. These are cowardly responses to the desires of Exceptionally Average Americans who hold firm in their deeply held beliefs that this country was founded on the greatness of freedom. And that is why we have achieved far more than any other nation in history - including healthcare, which is far from being broken. And now this is being threatened, along with our entire way of life because a few have made their quest for power the central theme of their lives.

Those who are too good-natured to play political games have for too long been silent while this erosion to the values which made this country great have chipped away at our freedom and patriotism. Now the stakes have become too high and Americans are standing up for their guaranteed rights under the Constitution (a document which seems to have been conveniently swept out of ANY legislative discussions lately). But this is already known, for there is no other reason to ram-rod this bill through the House and Senate . . . you and I (and just about everyone else) knows that after 2010 this legislation will be DOA, because the winds of change are blowing strong.

So, I could challenge you to your place within government; I could ask if you are willing to sacrifice your office for one or two votes. But I cannot make good on such threats - they are inconsequential. I will, however, challenge your commitment as a United States Senator - a position designed by our Founders to represent the will of the American people, not to advance agendas because the high and mighty voices in your ear are telling you to do so.

This current bill before you has the 'public option' which will be disastrous to the entire enterprise of healthcare. It also includes funding for abortions, which I find morally reprehensible and will refuse to pay at any point in my life. And it looks toward the 'death panels' which were supposedly not there, but find their way in rationing and end-of-life counseling. This is not about health care and life . . . it is about power and death. (And there are many fine doctors, my own included, who will resign because of moral impositions which will necessarily come with the implementation of the government-system.)

This is disastrous at best and morally deplorable at worst. Do not allow this legislation to pass.

As always, I will pray for you and yours as a leader in this great nation of ours. May God find ways to bless us still.

Respectfully Submitted.

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Joe McNerney said...

Excellent, well-written and respectful letter. This is a subject that is one of my passions, but the rhetoric on both sides is causing me to question my sanity. Although we have some problems in our current system, it is still the best in the world and the solutions will not be solved by disrespectful discourse and talking points. Those of us with Christian beliefs must stop the divisive posters and begin an intelligent, covincing dialog. Your letter is a good example of how we should proceed.
Joe, The Virtual Patient