22 October 2009


The past couple of weeks have moved at an incredible rate . . . with the sense that it is both moving at lightspeed but also enduring never-ending weeks. And part of the future from here is brighter . . . but the other part is full of shadows and uncertainty.

But we move forward, for there is no going backward.

We move forward, for Christian sentiment is summarized in seeing that the best is yet to come.

We move forward, learning to let go and trust in the one who has called us.

We move forward, and accept letting go as a necessary step in this journey.

From spiritual heights we take a step into the unknown, hoping to God that he will be there to catch us . . . or give us wings to fly. It is a challenge to accept God's future and surrender your own plans. And it isn't safe (yes, Mr Beaver, who said anything about being safe?). But the image of freefalling is one which invokes grace and ascension. For, as we fall we find ourselves with nothing to rely on other than his goodness . . . yet we are reminded by the clouds that this is the path our Lord took when he rose to sit on the throne and rule over all creation.

So, it seems to be familiar surroundings after all . . .

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