06 September 2009

rich on church

"When I go to church . . . I involve myself in something that identifies me with Augustine, that identifies me with Christ, that identifies me with nearly 2000 years of people who have come together once a week and said, 'Let's go to the Lord's table and enjoy the feast that he has prepared for us.' In that week I may have been subjected to a million billboards that try to make me identify with the thinking of contemporary society. But once a week I go back to church, and acknowledge that though the shape of the world is really different now than it used to be, this remains the same: I still come to the Lord's table and say, 'Oh God, if it weren't for your grace, if it weren't for the sacrifice of Christ, my life would have no meaning, no life would have real substance.' And I do that voluntarily."

"When I come into church I am no longer Rich Mullins, a music education student. I am no longer Rich Mullins, a guy who grew up in Indiana. I am no longer Rich Mullins, a guy who has a record contract. All of the sudden I am a member of the kingdom of God."


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