12 August 2009


"Jesus is the image of the invisible God. He is incomprehensible to our Western minds - as he was to Eastern ones. He came from beyond where no human mind has visited. When we try to squeeze him into our systems of thought, he vanishes - he slips through our grasp and then reappears and (in so many words) says, 'No man takes my life from me. No man forces his will on me. I am not yours to handle and cheapen. You are mine to love and make holy.' In him the fullness of the Godhead dwells. In him all things are held together. In him we see what love is - that it originates in God and is energized by him. And so, we thank God for all we see. For beauty and for the miracle of sight, for music and the wonder of hearing, for warmth and the sense of touch. But we thank him more for Christ, without whom we would be deaf, insensitive and blind."

~Rich Mullins, "Invisible Things" in Release magazine, Nov/Dec 1994.

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