16 February 2009


Scot McKnight, Fasting (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2009).

I wanted to drop a quick book notice for this one, not offering a more typical and fuller review at this time.  Our friend, Scot McKnight, has published (again! . . . Who does he think he is, N. T. Wright?!?), this time on the most confusing and often overlooked spiritual discipline of fasting.  Thus the book is appropriately named, and is a very good overview and encouraging primer to the importance of the activity.  With the lenten season quickly upon us, I would encourage everyone to work through this work (either before or throughout the forty day journey to Easter), and consider making this more of a part of the Christian experience once again.

It should be apparent that there is more than enough happening in our world which would lead us to give pause and consider before God.

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