01 January 2009

nothing new for new year's

And so we come to the annual change of calendar which typically leaves our culture with a bit of sentiment, a waning portion of optimism, and some pieces of lingering hope for what might happen in the next 365 day cycle.  For some folks this is a very big deal, for others it passes by quietly in the night.  Perhaps everyone has had at least one or two years where they have made New Year's clock chime something to commemorate.  But I must confess that with each passing time through it becomes a little less of extravagance.

I would suppose that such sentiment is born out of increasing wisdom and passing fervor for the things that this world promises to be.  After all, today is till riddled with the same challenges of yesterday, even though they are designated by differing years.  Understanding that life will continue on with its ups and downs, successes and failures, laughter and tears makes this little more than an excuse to gather with family and wish good cheer to friends.  But in a few days we will eventually all reach the conclusion together that this is the same world with the same problems and the same corruption (yes, I travelled through Chicago today to be met with appropriate reminders of this).  And before this thought wanders into depression, it should especially be noted that this world still has the same hope and salvation that it ever has, and that is the really big news.

Yes, this may be an occasion to be happy but the reason to celebrate has already been given.  And it is not found in resolutions or promises or pledges or media-induced optimism.  These things are fleeting and have given their reward in full.  A greater faith might just mean understanding the world as a smaller entity with limited size and scope, except in the plan which has been infused to it by its Creator.  Let all things fade away in the light of this glory and grace.

Happy Renewed Year

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