29 December 2008

unfrozen caveman biblical theologian

This last week and a half have been a wild ride, courtesy of the weather.  Just a few days before Christmas an ice storm knocked out our electricity, sending us out of our home for a night.  However, twice has the internet tower from which I get my signal been knocked over by strong winds and ice.  Along with the celebrations of Christmas (family and church), this has brought my blogging to a halt.

Not to overspiritualize the situation, while the loss of electric is never welcome the loss of the internet became its own blessing.  Once the initial panic of being 'cut-off' from the outside world wore off (about 20 minutes), it was nice to be able to focus on those things which are right in front of me and to be able to listen a bit more without all the streaming noise which I find online.  And it could not have come at a better time of year.  There was also the added benefit of reading through some of my SBL Boston purchases, some of which I will discuss here - always a good end-of-year-break-in-the-action activity.

So against many Christmas hopes and wishes, I continue on with the blogging.  Until somebody sneezes near the internet tower.  For the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer . . .

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