23 November 2008

stock sbl posting part two

After a few attempts on Saturday and Sunday morning I finally found a paper which was quite good to endure. Kudos to Bruce Longenecker for his presentation of Luke's use of Psalm 91, I think he was right on track with this one. I did hit some other presentations, but some of them were (again) terrible and the others were mostly fine other than that they were long and tiring. Again I went to the book sale (see below for Jim West's early Christmas gift).

It has always been an enjoyable experience to meet and greet with the number of scholars who attend SBL. This morning I had the privilege of meeting The Professor: I. Howard Marshall. Many of you have had this experience and know that it is a pleasant one. It was mostly by accident as he was speaking with a friend of mine and I didn't even realize it was him when I broke into the conversation. And the day had a couple of other meet-ups and ongoing conversations, which really make the time worth it. . .along with the books, the books, the books.

Oh, I also met up with The Bishop again today (:mic = 3; Tilling = 0). This was not stalking out, I promise. I was walking out of the entrance to the books and he crossed by. . .I said to him, "Good afternoon, Bishop." Then he stopped and came over to me to say hello. . . If this happens again, I'm forcing him to accompany me to the Cheesecake Factory downstairs.

PS - when initially meeting The Bishop I was met with, "I know three Michael Thompson's, and you're not one of them. So, what's your story then?" I'll tell you the same that I told him, I'm not the famous one, I'm not the accomplished one, and I'm not the credible one. Now, hopefully, he'll remember.

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