07 October 2008

blocked and diverted

A lagging in some posting has occurred, and there is no sudden burst of inspiration on the immediate horizon (but do we ever really sense it coming on?).

Right now my flurry of activities is having its way with my schedule and I am spending much of my time just keeping up.  This happens from time to time and I've learned to go with it instead of fighting it.  Of particular frustration is my own doctoral research.  Right now I'm on the middle of my MPhil year, looking to propose and move forward with the PhD as soon as I can square away my original topic.  At present I have the overwhelming feeling that every good and worthwhile idea which I come up with has already been done or is something which I don't really believe to be true in the first place (and would not convince anyone of anything).  So I'm returning to previous works and going through, going through, going through them again and again until the path becomes visible again.

This is frustrating because I have already felt some setbacks in the working out of my programme, and fear of not being ready to move to the next step when the appropriate time comes.  So, I suppose now would be a good time to figure out if I'm actually a scholar or just someone who has hacked into the system.  Time will tell and the blogging will be sparse, but it's the children (and Tilling) who suffer.

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