13 July 2008

the difference between crazy pills and meteor rocks

A few years ago I was helping out a friend of mine with leading his youth group. In hanging around with that crowd I was introduced to Smallville, a TV show about the teenage years of Superman (before he becomes Superman).  I've since lost interest in the show but do remember that one of the early themes is that the 'meteor rocks' which came along with Superman's space-shuttle were the inherent cause of a bunch of kooky stuff in and around Smallville - and Superman would have to take care of business.

Around the same time there were some very frustrating things in and around the church at which we were working.  My friend referred to this as everyone taking 'crazy pills' - an effort to explain the irritating (and stupid) behavior.  But in light of the popularity of Smallville we decided to attribute these moments to the 'meteor rocks.'  I now think that we were mistaken on this.  Here's why:

The notion of 'crazy pills' would imply that people are relatively normal, but they choose to ingest themselves with thoughts and ideas which lead them to weird or stupid behavior.  This is the case in certain situations when groups are more or less harmless when they don't take the pills.  This classification also reminds us that groups of people will always be prone to take *pills* of many sorts, especially the ideological ones.

By contrast, 'meteor rocks' must refer to behavior which has rained upon an area/group, seeped into the ground, infected the waters, etc. . . That is to say, the group in question has no real choice of how they act - they are affected by the meteor rocks and cannot simply overcome their situation by skipping the pills.

This is an important distinction of classification if you are to be effective in church leadership.  Personally, I would prefer dealing with the crazy pills because you wouldn't have to be Superman in order to overcome it.  But, unfortunately, this is where I find myself.

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