02 April 2008

blame it on the day job

Earlier today I found myself needing to spend some time in between appointments in another town and wandered into the local Christian bookstore. I don't usually get a chance to browse such institutions (and I'm banned from so many of them), but I gave it a shot and decided to practice self-control and not make any verbal comments on the absurdity of it all. And it was, for the most part, a pleasant experience. Until the end. . .

I was looking through some curriculum for one of our classes at the church when I heard a gentlemen come in looking for a Bible. He is obviously new to the church and was needing a text which would connect to him. My head snapped around when I heard him say to the attendant, "I dunno, I suppose something like the King James would be considered the most accurate, right?" He saw my reaction and as I vigorously shook my head he smiled and invited me into the moment with, "No? You don't think the older ones are better?"

So far, so good - and I was more than happy to listen to what he is looking for and explain the plethora of translations and types available to him. But the sales woman was clearly annoyed by my intrusion. Or it could be that the store clearly favors the KJV, giving it an entire wall while all the other versions get about equal space combined! And it doesn't take long to find out what KJVers think of someone trashing the text. Even still, the heresy continued when I supported - not just the N-I-V-L-E but the TNIV! They might have considered calling the police when I said that the RSV is pretty good too!

But in the end I was able to meet a very warm and friendly new Christian (and a very crabby old-fundy) and gave him some parameters which, sadly, most churchgoers have never taken the time (or had opportunity) to learn. But, as I ate lunch with my wife later on, I reminisced and found that everyone in my path that day had been so very friendly and personable except for the one publicized Christian. Hmmm. Spring is definitely breaking through, which puts everyone in a great mood. It would be nice if spring was breaking through a little bit more on the spiritual end of things though.

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