23 February 2008

in and out

You can divide your whole life into two basic categories.
You're either saying in or going out.
Everything else is irrelevant detail.
The urge to go out and then return is very strong.  Just
look at what happens to people when they don't want to 
stay home and they have to.  They become despondent.  Or
if someone's locked out of their house and can't
get in when they want?  They go nuts.
We must go out.  We must go back.
When you're out, everything's a little out of control and
exciting.  Something could happen.  You might see
something.  You might find out something.  You might even
be a part of something.  We've got to go out there.
When you're back in your house you're like the conductor
of an orchestra.  You know where everything is and how to
work it.  You move confidently from one part of your
house to another.  You know exactly where you're going
and what will happen when you get there.
You're the maestro of a symphony with nothing on
but socks and underwear.
And it's because we know it so well that
we've got to get out.

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